AIS Convenience
AIS helps you consolidate your laboratory vendors by combining service contracts from multiple manufacturers into just ONE service agreement. This streamlines the entire repair process, and is guaranteed to keep your lab running smoothly. You'll appreciate our Tailored Service Contracts too! They're customized to fit both your needs and your budget. The result is a service agreement defined by you on your own terms.

Tailored To Your Needs
Our service agreements ensure that your lab will be running smoothly at all times! Preventative Maintenance (PM) performed to keep your instruments running more of the time. And when the unpredictable happens…Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you're just one phone call away from solving any issue you may NO COST to you!
  • Full Service Maintenance Agreements
  • 48-Hours Maximum for On-Site Service
  • Travel and Labor Charges Included in Contract
  • Telephone Support Within 2 Hours
  • Designated & Experienced Engineer Assigned to Your Account
  • Support for Legacy Systems

In Addition We Offer
  • PM Only Maintenance Agreements
  • Labor Only Agreements
  • On Demand Services
  • Flexible Plans

Instrumentation Services
AIS offers a wide variety of Instrument Upgrades, Replacement Parts, Supplies and On-Demand Repair Services. These services can be provided on-site or for more extensive jobs such as complete instrument refurbishment and reconfiguration can be performed in our full service shop.
  • Liquid Chromatography (LC) Systems
  • Gas Chromatography (GC) Systems
  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Laboratory Automation
  • Consumable Products "&" Supplies
  • Detectors
  • Data Systems
  • Purge "&" Traps